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I'm currently entered in two different LIMS rounds (Icontest where you enter one icon a week and the last iconer standing wins. A couple people are eliminated every week) and wanted to share the icons with you as they are created. I obviously can't post them until after voting, but I'll try and keep this as updated as possible.

Wish me luck! I hope I can last awhile!

disney_hush LIMS round 5 Entries

This set is for a disney hush community, so no text allowd (except tiny text as a design element). Our mod spiffydaze selected the most beautiful caps to work with.

Tarzan The Little Meremaid Brother Bear Fox & the Hound Choice

The Little Meremaid Fox & the Hound 3 4 5

d_ladicontest LIMS round 2 Entries - Belle

For this LIMS round we had to select one disney lady and center all our entries around her. I chose one of my soul-sister's Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I'm so excited to icon her this round. Enjoy!

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Lyric Hush Smile Black & White Face Hidden
Name Texture Flirty Set: Hush Set: Text Only
Re-used Image Multiply Magic - -

Lyric Smile Black & White Texture 5

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