Lindsey (classiclindsey) wrote in goodnite_icons,

Found myself watching Pride & Prejudice this evening (after visiting the library bookstore and finding a beautiful old copy of Vanity Fair) and was inspired. Whipped up a quick batch with some bonus icons on Atonment, which promises to be a beautiful movie.

(8) Pride & Prejudice
(5) Pride & Prejudice Quotes
(7) Atonement


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I love the P&P quote icons.
Oh my gosh, the P&P icons are gorgeous! I LOVE number 1, saved and will credit when used.
OMG. I love P&P
These came out so beautiful.
Took many and will credit.
I love the way you made all the quote icons.
Beautiful icons! I snagged #1, 2, & 7, will credit. Thanks so much!
so gorgeous! thank you
snagged 1,6,8,13,14
Very pretty, I especially love the P & P set....
Very beautiful colouring and Use of Brushes!!
Great icons! Taking 12, will credit :D


December 11 2007, 11:16:17 UTC 9 years ago

oh, wow, beautiful!!
These are so good!!
These are beautiful. Especially #14.
Oh, god.


These are some of the best P&P icons I've seen!
I demand more beautiful icons!
Especially the quote ones, they are gorgeous
Thank you! This was the first time I attempted text only icons. :) I'm glad to hear you like them. If you have suggestions or requests, let me know.
I took some of these, and will credit. Your work is amazing.
Lovely icons!
Taking 9, 14, 16, 17, and 20 and will credit.
Took a couple of Atonement icons. Thankyou!
Taking Mr. Darcy. :)